24H 37_Chev_Tourer 996and58_Machinery
Acadia_Beauty AFL_Youth_Girls_notext All_Models
Aqua_Action Aurora_II Birdies_Garden_Cafe
Bus Butler_Racing_Large Catering_with_Class
Chianttis_Pizzeria Chiefs_Bottleshop CLONTARF FOUNDATIONlargel
COASTERS HOT ROD CLUB JACKET BACK 0908 Coastline_Haulage Coffee_Amanti
Colour_Studio dragline Dragon
Drovers_Meats Dykes_On_Bikes Eveleigh_Motorsport_Back
Fighting_Fish_Large Fireee Fishers_Garage
Flag Fridge God_Of_War
goku goku2 Gratter
Griffen Hells_Anglers Hospitality
Hot_Rod Hotel_Dunedoo Kangaroo_Shirt
Karting_World_New_2012 Lions_Club_Fishing Little_Dragon
Loader Marina Chandlery_hats Massage
Mobile_Car_Detailing Monster_In_Truck_v2006 Motorbike_Cartoon
MWSC_wolf National_Parks_and_Wildlife_Service Pelican_fullcolour
Pit_Crew Pizza_Express_Sharks Roadster
RonDan_Constructions RUS_Drift_Diggers_Back Shearer_Carrier
Sign_Man Sign_Man_front Smaller_Motorsport
Spider Tardis Teletruck_Hire
Thomas_-_Model_17 truck Truckworks_Towtruck_Large
True_Blue Twisted_Metal_Works_Back Ultimate Fighting Arts
vejita Vintage_Car VLI_Mining_Machine
Welder Whispers Wild_West_Pub_Tour
These are just a few of the logos I have done over the last 17 years, In that time I have done over 18,000 designs. Which contains things done at almost every size and for every fabric type. I enjoy a challange and I love digitizing.