What is embroidery digitizing?

It's the process of turning pictures into stitches. I take a picture sent by you and turn it into a file that your embroidery machine can  understand so that the design can then be stitched. This allows alot more customization for your customer then just picking a pre done  design.

What types of artwork do you accept?

I accept all image formats ranging from JPG, BMP, PNG to vector files like CDR, AI, PDF and DXF a vector file can also be made at your  request or by itself for a fee.

How do I send an order or quotation?

Either a quote or order can be sent to me by email, my email address is sales@sddigitizing.com, once you are in my Commander system you'll be  able to either send me a normal email with the job, or use my system to send a templete email where you just fill out the details of the job,   Any extra info and it will be sent right away directly to me through Commander.

How long will the digitizing process take?

To cover myself depending on work load 48 hours, but in emergencies I have had designs back to my customers in less then 30 mins in extreme  emergencies, most often designs are done within 24 hours and placed in you design library.

How do I download the designs?

When you are in the Commander system you will recieve a link to your customer area that allows you to access your designs aswell as other  features whenever you wish. Designs will be stored in wilcom EMB and Tajima DST format unless you have another preference for your files.  Simply clicking on the link will allow you to download the file to your computer and load it to your embroidery machine

How do I pay for my designs?

I like to work to a monthly account with paying for designs, but if you wish to pay on a design by design bases you can. At the end of the month I'll send an invoice with what is owing. Payments are prefered through direct debt, but cheques can be mailed to my office address. My address and Bank details are on the invoice. Payment is appreciated within a month of the invoice being sent to keep everything nice and neat.