When you are a customer you get an account that has an online element, Its called Commander and has the following features:
- Customer Library
- Invoices
- Sending a Design
- Stitch Calculators
- Secrets of Embroidery
24/7 Access to any designs I have done for you. In the case that your computer has a problem your designs will be backed up off site to keep your investment safe. Designs are archived after 12 months
Having an easier way to search through logos and costs making your life easier.
Being able to send a logo with a templete style email system making sending a job a snap!
I nice simple way to calculate how long a job will take to do allowing you to manage your time more effectively.
Access to video instructions on techniques I've learnt over my years of embroidery. Ranging from framing techniques to using specific backings and threads for the best results